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We offer an EDITING package to edit the videos you already filmed.

This is a cheaper alternative and non intrusive way of editing your own footage. YOU FILM IT & WE EDIT IT.
(This might be a good option if you already have some video footage stored away and it is also cheaper)

I do far more than transfer home videos to DVD.

No doubt buried deep in your family film, video and photo collections there are some priceless gems – images of childhood, memorable holidays, weddings, christenings, birthdays, anniversaries, old friends and wonderful memories.

But when is the last time you actually managed to watch them?

My home video editing services will not only preserve your memories but also bring out the very best in your collection.I will take your raw video footage and create a great movie that you’ll want to share and watch, again and again, helping you reconnect with your memories.

Here is a video I made dedicated to all the mothers in the world made with my family footage and friends comments about motherhood.

I love crafting the very best of family films, videos and photographic collections into entertaining and heart-warming short films.

Or if you just want to preserve your entire memories without editing, I can also transfer your home videos and films to DVD and add a tittle for each videos.

Videos could be made for any occasion and will be a great gift for your loved ones.