If you have lot of videos to edit and would like to learn how to do it yourself,
why not booking a filming & video editing class?

We are currently teaching video editing with Corel Video Studio Pro X6 on for  groups, youth Clubs and individuals.

Filming and editing Classes at The Katherine Low Settlement

Editing Courses will cover different aspect of video editing like:

1. Introduction to video editing

  • Downloading & Installing the editing suite
  • Exploring menus & options
  • Basic overview of editing tools and techniques

2. Importing media and working on the timeline

  • Importing music, picture & videos
  • Managing theTimeline
  • Cutting, copping and moving clips around

3. Transition and special effects

4. Text and Captions

5. Audio timeline, Sound adjustment & Voice over

6. Color & lighting

7. Exporting and rendering video file

8. Creating a DVD with a menu

9. Creating a picture video

10. Uploading videos to the web

Editing classes are taught on 1 to 1 or groups.
In no time you will be able to use your creative talent and flair and bring your own video and  to life.


Video Editing class start at £50 per hours
Discount available when purchasing several 1to1 hours or groups package.