Tribute video:

We love to make wonderful short films from family film and photographic collections. They’re perfect for special occasions. Don’t let these opportunities pass you by. Embrace the moment!

21st birthdays, sweet 16s, 40ths, 50ths, weddings, anniversaries, anything. Maybe you just want to celebrate your parents or grandparents’ fantastic lives.

Our creative home video editing services will transform your family films, videos and photos into a short film to highlight your special occasion.

Video Portrait

Portrait videos celebrate the life of someone special. They are also used for people with dementia, as it helps them remember important things about themselves and their families.

My first experiences in filmmaking were making video portraits. I started by doing my own portrait ! A portrait of a mother never changes, as mothers have cared for their children since the beginning of time.

This is the 15th birthday and quinceniera of my niece Nicole. In South America, when a girl turn 15, she becomes a woman. Quincenera videos capture the first steps and entry into adulthood.

Slide Shows:

Tell a story with pictures. Slideshows of childhood pictures are a popular surprise for birthday parties and weddings, even if it does make them cringe a bit! Pictures can be inserted into the film to document and promote your events.

Slide show to celebrate a baby’s first birthday

Slide show to celebrate a 50th Wedding anniversary