About us

My name is Sandra Munoz-Alvarez and I am the founder and director of Keepsake Videos. When my son was born, I did not want my family to miss out on his first smile, first laugh and first steps so i started to record his life and every development milestone, edit the footage into a monthly film with music & caption, and then share it with my family. Even though they were not in London, those videos make them feel like they were part of his daily life and were always looking forward the next one.

This passion of video editing made me start experimenting with other styles of filming and I started volonteering in Battersea for my community, building a varied film portfolio while changing career and studying media and film production to pursue my dreams.

My studies took few years to complete but I fell humbled and honored to have had this opportunity of learning and create while helping so many amazing local organisations and charities in my borough, Wandsworth, at the same time.

My confidence grew after building my portfolio in the voluntary sector, completing my HNC in film and media production with distinction  and winning few film competitions. I was encouraged to start my own company by everyone and extend my services to a wider audiance.

I started this business, realising how important it was to record those moments of happiness, as my son who is now 10, has been watching and rewatching the story of his life. And there are so many things you forget, which made those videos so precious and invaluable to me.

Nowadays a video say much more than words which is why community organisations are raising more awareness about their causes, charities increase their funding and businesses improve their sales as well as their customers.

I have now over 10 years of filming experience and a portfolio of over hundreds of film.

To see more of my films you can browse my website, subscribe to my youtube channel, follow me on facebook or twitter.