Sandra Munoz Alvarez

Videographer & Editor
CEO and Founder of Keepsake Videos

Fayon Dixon

Presenter, Inspirational Speaker,
Broadcaster & Voice over

Benjamin Venegas

Photoshop editor


Website &
Graphic Designer

Sandra's Story

Sandra's Story

Keepsake Videos was created out of love.

Sandra has been filming and editing videos for families, businesses and the community.

It started when her son was born. She wanted her family who is abroad to witness her baby boy grow into a toddler and then into a little boy. Even though they were far away, Sandra was able to share all those important moments with them via home videos years after years.

The home movies she has created have been watched over and over by her family and friends including her son who is now a teenager.

Birthdays, Christmases, holidays, anything at all, she has been there with her camera. Her son’s life has been documented and turned into a monthly film for his entire life as she discovered that filming and editing was her passion.

Turning her hobby into a business

Little by little, friends and family started to ask her to edit their videos too and when her local library was threatened with closure, she made a video campaign to save it.

It worked ! The library was saved after the film was shown and shared several times.

Sandra saw first hand how powerful films were so she decided to turn her passion into devotion, and started to help her local community by doing free films for them, promoting the good work they were doing in Battersea. She started to be inundated by demands.

This is at this point that she decided to go back to education and complete an Access to media Course in 2009, followed by an HNC in Film & Media Production in 2010.

After that, she managed to get a place at the London College of Communication to do BA in Film Production, which is part of the Prestigious London University of Art.

Keepsake Video was born in 2014

The families and charities sandra helped over the years inspired her to set up a business dedicated to providing professional video editing services to families, businesses and the community.

She started this business, realising how important it was to record those moments of happiness. Her son, now a teenager, has been watching and rewatching the story of his life. There are so many things you forget, so it is nice to be able to re-discover the past. This alone makes those videos so precious.

Nowadays a video say much more than words which is why community organisations are raising more awareness about their causes, charities increase their funding and businesses improve their sales as well as their customers.

No job is too big or small for her, and she edit videos for business, the community and families.

Check Sandra’s video explaining her journey to become filmmaker and the responsibilities of being a videographer and film editor the Wandsworth Creatives series

It was a time of creativity, fun and love

Sandra had so much content that she started to do time lapse videos.

Sandra’s HNC self-portrait documentary assignment video