Need someone to animate your event and ask the right questions during video interviews?

We have the perfect person to do some voice over for your project, video explainer or interviews. Our presenter can also present your event on the day.

Using a presenter as part of your video production

Presenters can be an excellent way to showcase and front your video. They are especially effective if the presenter is linked in some way to your product or company. For example we recently filmed a promotional video for a gallery in Stratford upon Avon and had Michael Portillo presenting the film, who is  the chairman of the UK art Fund.

The reason that this was effective is that you have somebody who is talking directly to your audience, making it a more intimate experience for the viewer, as opposed to using a voice over. (Not that their is anything wrong with voice over, when used correctly).

Presenters allow you to add another layer to the video by bringing in their personality and, at times sense of humour, which allows you to tailor the script, in parts to suit them.

Having a representative of the company as a presenter can also work well, so long as they are comfortable and natural in front of the camera. If they aren’t then it is always worth looking at filming them as an interview, whereby you can plan questions and edit their answers with footage so that they supply the narrative to the film without the fear of looking down the camera lens.

Whatever type of video production work you are looking at undertaking it is always worth speaking with the production company, looking at examples of their work that are more specific to your video, and structuring the film in the pre production stage to ensure that you create an engaging and effective film that is targeted to your desired audience.

At Keepsake Videos, we can script, film and edit dynamic videos for your website, at affordable prices.

Having video on your business’ website is essential for promoting your company, attracting clients and driving sales.

A professionally scripted and filmed website video will communicate your message effectively and help you get higher in the search engine rankings.

We can provide all the professional creative services you require, including scriptwriting, filming interviews, editing and graphics.

We can also animate your company logo to put at the beginning of all your videos.

Combined, these will deliver your brand message more effectively, to a wider audience.