If you are doing a campaign, a video is the most powerful way to promote your message, and share it via email or social network like facebook, streetlife, Twitter etc…

The two videos below helped to save a local library from closure. I made two versions of it. One short and one long to explain why it was important to keep this library. The video was shared in Wandsworth Borough Council amongst the decision makers and at the end, the library was saved from closure.

Save York Gardens Library (Short Version )

Save York Gardens Library (Long Version )

Another campaign video I worked on was the one against the closure of the Battersea Park former Adventure Playground and the loss of staff supervising the playground. They were making sure that no children get injured or bullied while playing and amazing role models for the youth. You could see what people have to say about this unpopular decision. the campaign made the news internationally and was picked up by various tabloid and media around the world.

Save Battersea Adventure Playground