Religious Events

Weddings, blessings, communions, christenings, bar mitzvahs… We take care of the filming while you simply enjoy this special event.

For weddings we create bespoke videos to animate the dinner party. It could be anything (Love stories/Groom and Bride growing up/friends messages/ Creative videos)

Wedding video example:Your video could include all the stages of the wedding like the preparation, the ceremony, the toasts, the speeches and party. Alternatively you might only want us to film the main ceremony or the party.

We recommend you to hire at least two videographers if you want to cover the entire day through a variety of angles.

Surprise video: Sometimes we receive requests to create videos for weddings. In this example, the mother of the bride sent us a home video footage representing a scene of a film that she and her daughter used to watch. She wanted to start the video by using a scene of the film but then re-enacted the rest with a friend to surprise her daughter with a sweet video message at the end.

Tell us your ideas an we will help you create your surprise video

For funerals, our video celebrate someone’s life by putting together their life story using pictures, videos, poetry, music or captions. The videos can later be shared with friends and family who couldn’t attend the funerals or saved for the grandchildren to learn about their ancestors.

Tribute video example:

In this video, we arranged the photos in chronological order with the captions provided by Joyce’s daughter. We also added bits of videos with Joyce favorite songs. Her daughter wrote the poems that was shown at the end.

Re-using older videos

Birthdays and home family videos can be recut.

Just let us know if there is any special story you want us to create.

For communions or confirmations, we can arrange a green screen session before the big day and make it extra special with beautiful effects, captions and animated backgrounds.

Communion video example:

Communion video with some green screen visual effects and some animated graphics. (You can see some animated white butterflies flying around the children arriving to church).

Christening video example

This is and example of a short christening video edited by keepsake Videos.
We added some black and white film segments.