Birthday videos capture a happy moment in someone’s life, regardless or their age. As time passes it is nice to look back on those happy time.

Kid’s Birthdays

Parents put so much preparation into their children’s birthday parties, but when they’re over, all that’s left are memories. Don’t let them fade away, children grow so quickly. Keepsake Videos will make them last forever with a video.

Adult’s Birthdays

Adult’s birthdays can also be equally important to record, especially for round numbers. We love birthdays (and cake) and we could capture the party, edit your own footage or create a surprise tribute video for the birthday girl/boy.

Special Anniversaries

We have your special anniversary covered whether you want to create a slide show, tribute video, video memorabilia etc.. We can add captions, effects, graphic and animation to make it extra special to share with your loved ones. Anniversaries could also be about a place, a charity or a business.