We know how valuable can be the those special times recorded on your phone, tablet or camera.  It would be tragic to lose them. We now can can edit them for you as a keepsake video to remember those family gathering, trips of a lifetime and special moments.

So, if you already have videos on your phone or old family films, we can beautifully compile them for you with our editing only package in few easy steps.

4 Easy steps jpeg

Step 1: Film your memories

They can be imported from various sources like phone, camera, tablet, VHS and saved on a folder on your computer.

Step 2: Send your footage

You can send us your footage via internet.
We recommend We Transfer where you can email us up to 2Gb of video footage for free.


If you have more than 2 GB of data, separate them and repeat the process.

There are also many other ways to send us your footage online.
Click here to check this very useful guide from Cloudwards on how to send large files.

Alternately, you can post your footage to us or bring it to us.

Step 3: We edit your Video

Once we have received your payment and your videos, we will start the editing process.

Payment can be sent :
By cheque addressed to Sandra Munoz-Alvarez
y bank transfer to MISS SCD MUNOZ-ALVAREZ
Sort Code:110192 Account Number 10788660
My bank is Halifax
By cash but only if you drop your videos and photo directly to me.

We will import them into our editing suite, ask you few questions on your editing preferences, then write you an invoice and start the editing once payment is complete.

Do tell us exactly how you want your footage edited.
Do you want to add a title, music, transitions and effects?
Do you want color correction to make the color pop or have a cinematic feel?

Do you want to keep everything … or just keep the main scene and remove the bad bit before and after framing ? This will help us to do the film you want. How long do you want the finished film to be ? the price of your video will depend of the final length of your project.

Step 4: You review your Video
We will show you a draft of your video for you to review. Let us know if you want us to do any changes and when you are happy with the result we will compile it, post it on you tube or save it on a USB stick for you.

Now you can enjoy your footage with friends and family and even share it on your website or social network


The cost of editing depends on the type of project, the amount of original footage and the final length of your project. Short videos will obviously be cheaper than longer ones as it takes less work to do.

Keepsake Videos can also transfer VHS format into mp4 and charge £10 per tapes for this service.

Example of videos edited by us but filmed by others:

[huge_it_videogallery id=”6″]


We offer an EDITING package to edit the videos you already filmed.

This is a cheaper alternative and non intrusive way of editing your own footage. YOU FILM IT & WE EDIT IT.
(This might be a good option if you already have some video footage stored away and it is also cheaper)

I do far more than transfer home videos to DVD.

No doubt buried deep in your family film, video and photo collections there are some priceless gems – images of childhood, memorable holidays, weddings, christenings, birthdays, anniversaries, old friends and wonderful memories.

But when is the last time you actually managed to watch them?

My home video editing services will not only preserve your memories but also bring out the very best in your collection.I will take your raw video footage and create a great movie that you’ll want to share and watch, again and again, helping you reconnect with your memories.