For more than 7 years, I’ve been filming video for my family and friends. Birthdays, Christmases, holidays, anything at all, I’ve been there with my camera. I’ve been filming my son every month since he was born, and I edit the video into a DVD every year for my family as a Christmas present.



Even though they live abroad, I’m able to share all those important moments with them at Christmas time. They are able to see their baby grandson grow into a toddler and then a smart little boy. The home movies I’ve created have been enjoyed over and over by our family and friends. Also, I’m sure my son will enjoy the when he becomes an adult and wants to look back on his life.


My friends and family treasure the videos I make and are always asking me to produce some more. I could do the same for your family videos too!


Here are some clips of my son growing up.



Nowadays, families keep their video footage scattered on their computer and seldom look back into it. On top of that, if their computer breaks down, they risk losing it all.


This inspired me to set up a business dedicated to providing professional video editing services, so you can enjoy the treasured memories contained within your home movies forever.