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Keepsake Videos is passionate about recording and editing films, We offers filming, photography, facepainting and media services for families, businesses & the community

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School & Youth Clubs

Keepsake Videos has been filming for school and youth Clubs but also teaching filming technique to young people


Raise awareness and educate people with a documentary about a service, organisation, business, place, person or any given theme

Videos for Community and Charitable Organisations

Having a video on your website is now essential to promote your activities, raise awareness, attract more clients and increase funding. Our short films can be embedded onto a website, attached to an email or shared on Social Network

Community Events

To get the very most out of an event, our event videos will provide reference, recall, study, exposure and will also help to promote future events for the community.

Campaigns Videos

Empower your campaign with a video. Campaigns with a pitch video raise 4 times more funds than campaigns without one. The video showcased here helped saving York Gardens Library from closure.

Promotional Videos

Videos links shared on social network or email are an effective way to promote an events, organisation, business or product.

Music Videos

Be the star of your own music video. With a green screen and chroma key technology you could be anywhere in the world or even on the moon ! Perfect for birthday or to record a music video for someone special !

Video Portrait

Some of my first work while studying film & media production. A portrait of a mother doesn't change, as mothers have cared for their children since the end of time. Portrait videos can be use to celebrate the life of someone special. Those videos could be good for people with dementia so they can watch and re watch important things about themselves and their families.


Tell a story with pictures. Childhood picture slideshow are popular to surprise someone for their birthday or their weddings. Pictures can be inserted into film to document and promote an event.

Kid's Birthday

A lot of preparation goes into children birthday but when the kids party is over the only things left are memories. Don't let them fade away... Children grew so quickly. In that video you can see a quick edit of my son's six first birthdays.

Weddings, Communion & Christening

Weddings, Blessing, Communion, Christening, Bar Mitzvah.... Let us know and we will come and film while you just enjoy the event.

We edit your own videos

If you already have videos on your phone or old family films, we can beautifully compile them for you with our editing only package in few easy steps.

Artistic/Abstract/Experimental Videos

Various artistic and experimental work for college, film festivals & competitions


Planning that extra special Birthday? Your children’s eye’s will light up with excitement when they see themselves transformed into faeries, princesses and their favourite comic book characters. Available for children's parties as well as fundraisers, school fairs, festivals, corporate events and family fun days.


Film & Videos   Film Editing
Photography Web Design
Media Classes   Facepainting



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My home video editing services transform family films, videos and photographic collections into wonderful short films, preserving family memories or making the perfect highlight for a special occasion. I can also make promotional videos for businesses and community organisations.

img-thingImagine the joy of watching a beautifully edited compilation of your family film footage and photos set to wonderful music to keep for yourself or give as the perfect present to someone special at a landmark celebration, anniversary or major event.


You can trust me with your memories because:

  • I am passionate about home movies.
  • I am committed to understanding your needs to deliver a great home movie.
  • I provide a professional and friendly customer service.
  • I won’t surprise you with hidden charges.


I can film and edit any kind of videos weither it is for families keepsake, increasing sales for businesses or awareness for community organisations