We’ll Meet Again, Wandsworth on Lockdown (Long Version with Intro)

This intergenerational video is the result of a partnership between the Providence House “Yes Project”, the Battersea Power Station community Choir and Keepsake Videos.

The introduction of this video was created to learn more about our project by the main artists & creators of this video.

The first part of this music video was created by the Battersea Power Station Community Choir on Zoom singing the original version of We’ll meet again from Vera Lynn (We have obtain the right to use the lyrics)

The second part of the song was created by the young people of Providence House under the supervision of Yes Project creative Director Esther Clevely

The video and all the special effects was created by Sandra Munoz-Alvarez from keepsake Videos with picture and video material she created or obtained from the artists and the community.

Synopsis: This positive music video was created and based on the lyrics of Vera Lynn song “We will meet again”. It is dedicated to all of those who have been affected by Covid-19 and every one on the the front line helping out in our community.

This positive video is dedicated to all of those who have been affected by Covid-19 and every one on the the front line helping out in our community.

This is the long version with the intro (Long version 6.54)

We will be with our friend again, we will be with our family again, we will meet again….

Posted on May 25, 2020 by sandra munoz

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