Battersea Stories Video

Last March, Keepsake Videos has been invited to help to spread the word about “Battersea Stories” which is a project funded by Wandsworth Art Grant.

I met the lovely Emma Faulkner, the director of Lightbox Theatre and we discussed a small film project to promote her vision of a play based on the stories of  Battersea residents.

With the Wandsworth Art Grant, Emma has visited, interviewed and recorded over 60 local residents, carefully chosen the best bits of the stories, put them together in a play re-enacted by actors and performed it in front of the local resident.

“Battersea Stories” was shown at the York Gardens Library on the 20th of March and was well received by the local residents.

Keepsake Videos put a small videotogether to showcase the project and help “Battersea Stories” to get more funding and to make more shows and sharing stories and histories of an area.

Update: On the 26th of June 2014, “Battersea Stories” was awarded £500 from Big Local SW11 to continue devellop the project. Contact emma at [email protected] if you would like to be involved.