Surprise video from mum to show the bride at her wedding

Keepsake Videos edited this video to surprise the bride Rachel at her wedding on the 20th of October 2018.


This video was organised by Rachel’s mum, Carol. It was filmed by Kevin Brookes, directed by Graeme Henderson and edited by Sandra Munoz-Alvarez.

Cast: Carol Hedger as herself, Lorna Henderson as Rachel Hedger and Binx the cat as himself.

It includes a video extract of “Stepmum” from Chris Columbus and the song “Ain’t no mountains high enough” from Marvin Gaye and Tammin Terrell.

Surf en Bretagne Video

Keepsake videos is on Annual Leave but I am editing and sharing this home video of my son’s first surfing lesson. Not filmed with the best of camera but by my family’s phones (some iphone, some samsung) and by my family members but edited by me Fun to try new effects with Final Cut Pro. Eduardo had a great time during the class. Thanks Matthieu from Mat’surfschool for a great class. Eduardo really enjoyed the class.
Keepsake Videos can edit your holiday’s video and picture stored on your mobile phones.

Welcome to the world Baby Ela :)

This is our latest baby short film from Keepsake Videos. We really enjoyed filming Ela with her big brother Omer 🙂 It was fun experimenting with butterfly wings and fun effects to make the video interesting. Mum chose the lovely music.



Newborn babies are just so adorable and we love filming them. We can also edit your own videos and pictures into a compelling little film. They grow so quickly so it is nice to preserve your memories while they are so tiny.