Kambala Estate Resident Association website

Well this January, i have been asked to revamp the Kambala Estate resident association website and i will also update it regularly. It is a good opportunity to share all my community links to their blogs so more people can be aware of what is happening in our area. Also i will be taking pictures and making some videos of the various outings of the estate. The video below was a taster video for their christmas trip to Bath last December.

Kamabala Estate is my favorite estate in the entire Battersea. This estate is not high rise, has a secret garden (in the making) and has a very cool community hall where lot of events happen. In fact you can even rent that hall to host your special event and party by booking it on their website www.kambala.org.uk . Donna Barham, the current chair, is just so friendly, helpfull and a wonderfull person. Contact her at 02079243549.