Keepsake Video is a Dragon for “The Challenge” Apprentices

Keepsake Videos has been asked to be a Dragon for the young people involved in “The Challenge” .

The Challenge provides a platform linking students from schools and colleges with local businesses and local charities/community groups.

The Dragons’ Apprentice Challenge offers Year 12 students the opportunity to experience setting up and running a business, gaining organisational and job related skills and learning about the work and beneficiaries of their designated charity. When the Challenge commences teams of young people are matched with a local business mentor (their dragon) and a local charity or community group. Their challenge is to “turn £100 into £1,000 or more” for their designated charity/community organisation.

It was an experience and I had a great time at St George’s University as a judge and Dragon for the young people projects on improving the community. Some really nice ideas from the young people and I must say some were very inspiring.

I also enjoyed mentoring the young people and giving them some advice.