Photo montage

Photo montage videos are the PERFECT way to honor loved ones or showcase your holiday photo, childhood memories and more!

Completely customize the video with your choice of music and titles.
Make it fun by adding music, motion titles, transitions, effects etc… You name it.

The video below is an example of photo montage made with some of the photos of my son Eduardo’s first year. If you email me your photos and requierements, I could do the same video for your child first year.

It’s a unique gift for:

  •  Graduations
  •  Weddings
  •  Anniversaries
  •  Mother’s Day
  •  Father’s Day
  •  Birthdays
  •  Valentine’s Day
  •  Organizational banquets
  • Christmas
  •  Tributes to a deceased loved one

or to honor someone in a very special way!

Montages can include images from photographs, slides, newspaper clippings, certificates, awards, diplomas, video segments etc…