Providence House 50th Birthday

I have been very happy to have been contracted for the second time by Providence House to do another video project with the young people.

For the last 6 weeks, I have set up a youth media team to film and edit a video for the centre 50th anniversary celebration and teach them the rope of Media and film editing.

This video was filmed and partly edited by the young people under my Supervision.

Providence House, one of London’s oldest youth clubs has celebrated its 50th Anniversary yesterday, on the 10th of May. This well loved centre in Falcon Road has served generations of Children on the York Road and Winstanley estates, from “Teddy Boys” in the Sixties to members of the rap group So Solid Crew in the Nineties. Robert Musgrave, who has run it for 40 years, got an MBE in 2011.

This video shows the importance and the the positive role it has played in all the lives of the people who have been involved with it.