Women of Wandsworth (Wow Mums) 10th Anniversary video

Watch this video to learn more about the Women of Wandsworth and all the things they have done for the last 10 years in our borough. Our video was premiered on the 7th of November 2017 at the London City Hall. With Sen De Tony Belton Jeanette Wai Ching Wickham Jelena Zvirska Anastasia Rose Teresa Anne Cyndiah Humiah Andrew Beech Gema Gil Simon Hogg Sarah Rackham Jenz Patterson Deepika Makwana Battersea Men’s Shed WoW Mums – Women of Wandsworth Dianka Diana Aileen Ricacho Reyes Rex Wickham Richard Field Sandra Munoz-alvarez Andrea Bencekova Bjorn Van de Beek

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