Rackets Cubed: Jamie Murray Day

It was interesting to film this event with the big broadcast cameramen.  Sky News and Channel 5 ere also covering this event and interviewing Jamie Murray. This is my video for their Rackets Cubed website social Media that they released today.

The children and some of the trainer were star struck to play with Jamie.

It was a challenge to film with all those camera everywhere. They appeared on my film and i appeared on theirs…Find me 😉


Falcon Rd Festival 2018

Do you know about the Falcon Road Festival ? It is an amazing annual community event organised by Big Local SW11 in Battersea. Check our festival highlight video

This video is copyrighted to Keepsake Videos and should not be used in any other video projects without Keepsake Videos approval.

All the music soundtrack of this video are from the brilliant local artists perming at the festival and were captured on the day.

Find out more about big Local SW11 at www.biglocalsw11.co.uk

A shorter version will be ready as well to promote the festival next year. We film and edit any sort of videos, so contact [email protected] for a quote.


Kambala Christmas Carols 2017

I had an amazing time filming and editing the Kambala Christmas Carols 2017. Donna had outdone herself once again bringing Christmas early on the streets of Kambala. The children’s laughter was very contagious and the community is really becoming together, thanks to the hard work of Donna and her volunteers. There was mulled wine, hot chocolate and even fake snow to the delight of local children. Check their Facebook page Kambala Estate to find out their next activities. As well, if you looking for a London birthday venue, they have a medium size hall with Kitchen, projector and smart-board.

Filming for Battersea Summer Scheme

Keepsake Videos love Battersea Summer Scheme

Battersea Summer Scheme, established 1992, is a project of Battersea Crime Prevention Panel. After talking to the Chair, Henrietta Croker Pool MBE, I decided to help them secure additional funding with a video showing what they do. I filmed their Sport in the Park yearly event and it was awesome.

What a Brilliant day ! I took my son there and he had such a fantastic time at trying all the sports while I was filming for the community.


Kate from Battersea Summer scheme twitted us this photo on our Twitter account

thank you so much for today it was lovely to see you!

Filming is my passion and I love helping good causes with my skills, so when I have some spare time and I am not too busy with work, I occasionally donate some of my time to the charities I support.

I am planning to finish the video in September 2016.




If you are a registered charity or a not for profit organisation, and need some filming done, do let me know because I often give discount for a noble cause;)