Helping the NHS with our Editing Skills

Keepsake Videos love the NHS.
To say thank you we have contacted the NHS and offered our videos editing skills to help them by making a free promotional video for their Life Lines Charity.

Life Lines – connecting families with critically ill patients in hospital during the coronavirus crisis

Our promotional video for Life Lines
Our explainer video on how to set up a call between patients and their family

To donate:

Please give £50 or whatever you believe is necessary to advance Life Lines. For example, a gift of £1,000 will buy four tablets with the out-of-the-box solution in an ICU ward.

For more information about this inspiring initiative go to:

Learn about this amazing charity in this article.

Rackets Cubed: Jamie Murray Day

It was interesting to film this event with the big broadcast cameramen.  Sky News and Channel 5 ere also covering this event and interviewing Jamie Murray. This is my video for their Rackets Cubed website social Media that they released today.

The children and some of the trainer were star struck to play with Jamie.

It was a challenge to film with all those camera everywhere. They appeared on my film and i appeared on theirs…Find me 😉

Our Squash Squared video premiered at the prestigious Wimbledon Club

Squash Squared is a charity based on a successful American program that mixed math and squash tuition to children in deprived areas.

This film made by Keepsake Videos promote the charity and is used for fundraising and raise awareness about the program. It was finalized last week to be premiered at the fundraising auction held at the end of the Squash Squared Open 2017 at the Wimbledon Club.

Watch this video to learn more about this program and how it help local children to improve their math. The children involved have the opportunity to be introduced to squash, a sport that is not affordable to everyone while improving their academic skills.



We have also filmed the club luxurious fundraising dinner and gala for and upcoming promotional video for the Wimbledon Club.