Innovative Partners Corporate Video

This is our latest explainer video for Innovative Partners.


We have a broad range of experience across multiple industries in producing explainer videos that people connect with. Don’t under-estimate the power of an explainer or product video in terms of increasing engagement. By 2020 video will account for 74% of all online traffic..

Contact us if you want to visually show what you are offering to your customers. A video can greatly increase your sales when used on your website landing page or/and social media.

Video editing by Sandra Munoz-alvarez, Audio by Fayon Dixon

25th years of British Sign Language & Deaf Studies Video

And it’s a wrap !

This is the end of some intense few days working as a Senior Editor for the 25th anniversary celebration video of the British Sign Language and Deaf Studies.

This video was for the University of Central Lancashire to celebrate the 25th anniversary of British Sign Language and Deaf Studies.

It has been lovely to do live editing with Kibra Taye on Whatsapp and learning about British Sign Language

Explainer Videos for 2020media Web Hosting Company

An explainer video can help your business convey information to your customers.

KeepsakeVideos made those two explainer videos for the web hosting company 2020media.

I would really recommend them as they have been hosting my website for the past 5 years as well as many other website that I manage for my clients and I have been really amazed by their services . They are professional, affordable, helpful and most of all local as they are based in South West London.

If you need web hosting for your business, check their website
And if you need video, just ask me

Our Squash Squared video premiered at the prestigious Wimbledon Club

Squash Squared is a charity based on a successful American program that mixed math and squash tuition to children in deprived areas.

This film made by Keepsake Videos promote the charity and is used for fundraising and raise awareness about the program. It was finalized last week to be premiered at the fundraising auction held at the end of the Squash Squared Open 2017 at the Wimbledon Club.

Watch this video to learn more about this program and how it help local children to improve their math. The children involved have the opportunity to be introduced to squash, a sport that is not affordable to everyone while improving their academic skills.



We have also filmed the club luxurious fundraising dinner and gala for and upcoming promotional video for the Wimbledon Club.