Keepsake Video is a Dragon for “The Challenge” Apprentices

Keepsake Videos has been asked to be a Dragon for the young people involved in “The Challenge” .

The Challenge provides a platform linking students from schools and colleges with local businesses and local charities/community groups.

The Dragons’ Apprentice Challenge offers Year 12 students the opportunity to experience setting up and running a business, gaining organisational and job related skills and learning about the work and beneficiaries of their designated charity. When the Challenge commences teams of young people are matched with a local business mentor (their dragon) and a local charity or community group. Their challenge is to “turn £100 into £1,000 or more” for their designated charity/community organisation.

It was an experience and I had a great time at St George’s University as a judge and Dragon for the young people projects on improving the community. Some really nice ideas from the young people and I must say some were very inspiring.

I also enjoyed mentoring the young people and giving them some advice.


“My Dyxelsia” Short Film for a 90 second Film Competition

My latest short film called “My Dyxelsia” is finished. I did this short for a film competition where u had to film a subject and edit into a 90 second short.

Just so you know the title is called My Dyxelsia on purpose…as people with dyslexia will see words with letters mixing with each other so the title reflects the condition.

Lizzie Kwarteng-Amaning & Zoe Joseph-Pennant, this is the version with your company logo…Will email you the HD version via We Transfer.

I decided to pick Dyslexia as a theme and raise awareness about “Aspire2inspire Dyslexia” and “Dyslexia for the wise“.