Our new short film “The Curse of Bullytown”

Check our latest short film “The curse of Bullytown” made with the #Wandsworth Kids in #Battersea


The Wandsworth kids discovered a box with strange writing in the playground. When they finally open it after lot of deliberation, something very unexpected happened and it might change the life of local children forever.


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Filmed & Edited by Sandra Munoz-Alvarez from Keepsake Videos
Directed by Dimitry Devdariani and Sandra Munoz-alvarez
Original story created by the children and script written by Sandra Munoz & Dimitri Devdariani
This ten weeks original class was funded by the Wow Mums and run Caius House Youth Club

This short film has been entered to various film competitions and been part of ITV Antibullying and “Be Kind” campaign as well as Lady Diana Kindness Day Celebration


Sandra Munoz-alvarez, Freelance filmmaker based in Wandsworth.

“My Dyxelsia” Short Film for a 90 second Film Competition

My latest short film called “My Dyxelsia” is finished. I did this short for a film competition where u had to film a subject and edit into a 90 second short.

Just so you know the title is called My Dyxelsia on purpose…as people with dyslexia will see words with letters mixing with each other so the title reflects the condition.

Lizzie Kwarteng-Amaning & Zoe Joseph-Pennant, this is the version with your company logo…Will email you the HD version via We Transfer.

I decided to pick Dyslexia as a theme and raise awareness about “Aspire2inspire Dyslexia” and “Dyslexia for the wise“.