Rackets Cubed: Jamie Murray Day

It was interesting to film this event with the big broadcast cameramen.  Sky News and Channel 5 ere also covering this event and interviewing Jamie Murray. This is my video for their Rackets Cubed website social Media that they released today.

The children and some of the trainer were star struck to play with Jamie.

It was a challenge to film with all those camera everywhere. They appeared on my film and i appeared on theirs…Find me 😉


Free2B Body Positive Photoshoot

Fun photo session with Free2B today. Now time to edit and add effects to them.

I was only authorised to share those two pictures but my favourite was a portrait in which I removed all the facial features and only left the nose and glasses. The result is really arty with a rainbow bokeh background. I am very proud of it.

Baby Rahid Video

This month, Keepsake Videos went back to the sources with the editing of “Baby Rahid” First year to be shown at his first birthday. Rahid’s dad wrote that he really liked the video and that it made him emotional watching it back.

For those who don’t know, I started filming and editing 12 years ago when my son was born. I was filming and editing one video per month to send to my family so they could see my son grow.

Some of my friends then asked me to do some for their kids. Later, when my local library was threaten with closure, I ended up making a campaign video against it and at the end, the council meeting made a you turn after the video went online.

After that I was asked to do various videos for local organisations and because I loved the editing process so much, I went back to Higher Education to study film and media production.

It was great editing baby video again.